13 Reasons to Buy iPhone 7 over Google Pixel!

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Hi guys! I have for you 13 good reasons to buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus over Google Pixel and Pixel XL!
If you’re an Android fanboy please don’t hate me! I’ve another video on ’15 reasons to buy Google Pixel over iPhone 7′, chill out!

So, Google Pixel is the first ever smartphone made by Google! On the other hand, iPhone 7 if a much better version of highly acclaimed iPhone 6S. Both of these phones are at the top of their own individual food chains,…

24 Replies to “13 Reasons to Buy iPhone 7 over Google Pixel!”

  1. These reasons are ridiculous. I have an iPhone 6 (looking to upgrade soon). The 3D Touch was more than definitely not inspired by iPhone! There were plenty of androids that had that way before iPhone! So make this 12 reasons… on the other hand, it's a phone… not a piece of diving equipment so who cares about the water resistance? Other than those 2… the iPhone being shinier is really a reason in your mind? What the fuck lol… and your right about the iPhone looking nicer. Let's not forget, the original iPhone was GARBAGE! No backgrounds, couldn't see your batter percentage, the phone was so goddamn laggy lol, the phone looked like trash! Now, here they are 10-11 models later with improvements! Cut Google some slack… it's their first model! Jesus Christ. Their first model is way better than Apple's first model so get over yourself! I hate Android but these reasons were seriously fucking ridiculous!

  2. 1. I have seen multiple videos saying the pixel is faster than the iPhone when opening day to day apps
    2. Which one feels more premium is opinion based
    3. The pixel has a much better camera than iPhone in good and bad light!

  3. Man this guy is seriously sucking the iOS dick. Real world test I think this is biased. We can't see what you have running in the background during your tests. This is the first video I have seen that shares this opinion. the iPhone feels more stylish? Its a 10 year old design that has barely changed. wtf are you smoking? all iPhones look the same, home button on the front, with bordered area. I will agree on the sound has the pixel has one less speaker. But honestly get some BT headphones. water resistant means nothing, don't go in water with electronics. DXO mark has already stated that the camera crushes the iPhone 7 camera. the 3d touch feature on iPhones is roughly the same crap as what google decided to get on the pixel. I don't know anyone who actually uses the 3d touch feature anyways.google offers unlimited space for video and photos to counter the storage issues you have. Also you can back up to google as well. apple supports up to 5 years hardware but with Out of warranty pricing, so unless you're shelling out big money then you get nothing beyond the 1 yr warranty or 2 years if you have applecare. after 5 years its no longer supported even out of warranty, you speculate that google won't support beyond 2 years which is just nonsense as well. As a former V10 user I never had an issue with the sensor on the back, in fact its easier to unlock while in hand this way. The OS is preference imo, android gives more freedom however.

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