7 Siri Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

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Here are 7 Siri Tricks you didn’t know that your iPhone could do. Hopefully there will be at least a couple of things that you haven’t tried yet. I used to not use Siri a lot because she could never understand what I was saying, but I must admit with the new updates, I use Siri almost daily now and these are a few Siri tricks I’ve learned and I wanted to share the with you. 7…

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  1. After adding to your grocery list, you can get it to show your the list by saying "Show grocery list." I didn't know about using it for brightness and bluetooth. that's pretty cool. I use Siri to show me the weather, open apps and games, send messages, and open web pages. The weather she uses is weather.com and it's terrific. If you say "Show weather", she gives you the temperature and weather on an hourly basis for the day.

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