Amazing $400 phones: OnePlus 3, Honor 8, Idol 4S, Axon 7, iPhone SE

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2016 will be remembered as the year that mid-ranger phones got good. Really good. At $400, it’s difficult to distinguish these phones from significantly more expensive options. Here are our top 5 favorite phones for $400!

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35 Replies to “Amazing $400 phones: OnePlus 3, Honor 8, Idol 4S, Axon 7, iPhone SE”

  1. Hey I need everyone's input. I have an iPhone 5s and I'm thinking of upgrading to the honor 8 because of the camera and right screen size for my needs. Do you believe it is worth the purchase?

  2. would a nexus 6p be a good choice over the axon 7 and the oneplus 3?
    because i would like a good camera and music experience, and i am not a
    big mobile gamer/ heavy user so i don't think i'd notice the
    (negligible?) difference between the snapdragon 810/ adreno 430 and the
    snapdragon 820/ adreno 530.
    because these three phones are almost at
    the same price where i live. i currently use an almost 4 year old lumia
    820 lol!

  3. As an engineering entrepreneur, which of these would you suggest? I want something I can integrate MS office, a good camera for on site surveys, good voice/data/Wi-Fi connectivity and good audio for those long flights.I'm coming from a dying Lumia 640 with shotty GPS.

  4. The Google Pixel $hit the bed with their ridiculous pricing so I am gonna look elsewhere. First place? Moto Z Play is the best phone around $400 and my 2nd place choice is Axon 7.

  5. Might as well ass the LG V10 to this list because you can get brand new ones for under $300 on eBay lol I got a brand new perfect condition one for like $280 on eBay the other week and nothing is wrong with it although it said new other. I got it from a high ranked seller. The brand new prices range from $280 up to $350 on ebay so yeah its somewhat close to this list lol

  6. I just got honor 8, the phone is stunning, its super fast, and the camera's absolutely outstanding
    I could go on forever singing the praises of thos phone its the best I've ever owned.

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