Android 7.1 Nougat On Moto X Play || AICP ROM || Amazing ROM

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Here is my another ROM review for moto x play…..this ROM is smoothest ROM ever I used for moto x play…android 7.1 has lots new features like lots of new animation , App shortcuts , better accessibility etc….. Must try this ROM …do a clean install with 7.1 Gapps …

This ROM is quite smooth as compared to other ROMs I have tried on X play…Till now there is no such bugs I have found only I have faced the issue random reboots sometime…but its fixed in latest build…


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the video. I have a question. Wich rom do you prefer for the moto x play? I tried the resurrection (i find many bugs) and now i have the validus and ist fine for now. But this rom is better that the validus? Do you recomend to me?

  2. can you please upload the rom externally? the aicp is not providing lux 12.1 now, showing upto 12.0 thats why it makes 7.0 after flashing not 7.1 and also a bit more issues…please provide an external link which you installed. TYSM.

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