Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Motorola Moto X Pure Edition

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We pit Apple’s second jab at 5.5-inch fame, the iPhone 6s Plus, with its new camera and screen technology, against the Moto X Pure phablet that brings top specs for a moderate sum.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Moto X Pure Edition:

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24 Replies to “Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Motorola Moto X Pure Edition”

  1. Its not really comparable products, iPhone 6SPlus is 2 times more expensive than X Pure, which made a big difference, I'm talking about 64 GB model (16 GB – it's just not serious I'm sorry) Nevertheless Moto XPure is far superior, iPhone with it's boring user interface and overall design, questionable functionality ( 3D Touch – most of the people never using it after first couple days of introduction ) just doesn't made a cut specially for its price! ?

  2. I stopped watching as soon as he said "Between the two there's no denying that the iPhone 6s plus has the more premium design between the two." I also stopped watching because I was reminded of how annoying his voice and favoritism was. Cheers ? -Sent from my Nexus 6

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