Blackberry Q10 vs IPhone 5 Full In-Depth Comparison

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Want to see how the Blackberry Q10 stacks up against the iPhone 5? check out this video for a full comparison.

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29 Replies to “Blackberry Q10 vs IPhone 5 Full In-Depth Comparison”

  1. loool u guys are blind as fuck. umm….did u know that from ipod 5 to iphone 6s, if they fall from 4feets the screen will crack like its been ran over by a tank? My iphone 4 fell from the first floor it had a small scratch but the screen didnt crack (it always got my back when im lost and have no wifi connection, i could still use the map .That phone was more loyal than any bitch out there and i had it for four years) the past generation apple products are solid. Did u also know that if the new apple product comes out, they will realise an update that will make ur current apple product slow and useless? Open your eyes people. Oh what the heck im just an internet dude so who cares?

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