Camera Head to Head – Pixel vs Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG V20 vs Nexus 6p

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When it comes to cameras Google has been issuing quite a few fighting words with its latest phone, the Google Pixel. Touting the fact that DxOMark gave it the highest score ever for a smartphone, we’re here to put that claim to the test in some real world situations to see which phones comes out on top. Will Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge take the crown, or maybe LG’s newly released V20? Let’s not forget Google’s flagships from last year, the LG-built Nexus 5x and Huawei-built Nexus 6p, as…

25 Replies to “Camera Head to Head – Pixel vs Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG V20 vs Nexus 6p”

  1. Came here hoping the V20's camera wasn't toooo bad in comparison the other phones because th V20's specs otherwise are really nice. However, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the V20's camera holds its own against other flagship phones. After 3 Samsung Notes in a row, it looks like I'm going LG this time…

  2. Settings/Developer Options/ Tick on "Force GPU Rendering" Android phones tend to be smoother/snappier, if root available try L Speed/Entropy/fstrim apps found on the Play Store! LG V20 is a snappy beast and it's most anticipated of 2016.

  3. you haven't mentioned it the the V20 pictures is the final product or if it's from the review unit…. if the pictures from the V20 is still not the final consumer product than this comparison is not fair

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