First Android Phone vs Google Pixel! 8 Year Comparison

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Google Pixel vs First Android Phone Ever Retro Review! Original HTC Dream G1, 8 Years Later Comparison. 2008 – 2016. Android 1.0 vs 7.1

First iPhone vs iPhone 7:

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  1. The issues you have with the marketplace are because the marketplace has been updated since the G1 was in use and is basically no ,longer compatible. I agree it's not really usable anymore but the dream was really great for it's time.

  2. The ones with the picture on the back were given to staff for Christmas the year the year it was released! A little worse for wear but I still have mine!

  3. Can you guys imagine if they remaster the HTC Dream, with the same design but with today's technology?
    Bet it would last for 2 weeks! I WOULD GIVE ALL MY LIFE SAVINGS TO BUY ONE!
    Too bad, it seems that its never gonna happen…

  4. Spot the diff ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. LOL…. Fucking Crapple Craphone original!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL… couldn't even handle mms, and other stuff that Nokia 3200 could! It was as big a pile pigshit as the Craphone 7. Crapple has never produced anything except walled-gardened boutique shit for hipster punks.

    For powerusers, it's the UNIX Shell or nothing!

  6. I'm just astonished how great the old phone was compared to the new one it's way ahead of the league did you see those bessels oh mugh I love and that camera holy shit. just wow why have the phones gotten so bad???

  7. the memory card issue is only an issue with the phones that google sells with stock android, there are third party manufacturers out there who make phones which can handle pretty big memory cards. right now i'm using a Moto X Force with 32gb internal memory and 128GB external

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