Google Pixel | My Impressions

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The Google Pixel
I talk about my thoughts on the new phone, and if it is worth buying.

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6 Replies to “Google Pixel | My Impressions”

  1. I am waiting for the reviews on Google's new Daydream VR and it's headset with the controller as well. The nice thing about both Pixels is they are both running with the same SD 821 processors and the same 4 GB of RAM. If people are interested in VR then they should get the Pixel XL for VR.

  2. Price for newest phone like s7, n7, pixel or ip7 is just overpriced.
    Yes, there are few new features, some improvements, better hardware but overall is the same god damm smartphone but just made in 2016. Same apps, same launchers, same settings – what the point of buying the 700$ phone? Ok, if you got old S4 or different model it make sense or thinking about VR like you said.
    My brother return s7 few month ago because battery was not great (swapping battery 1000x is faster than fc2.0), not many new things compare to Note3, and still he had 700$ in pocket and use good old Note3 with custom rom for basics things. I got the same feelings but I keep it for GearVR and Gear360 – otherwise, i retun and use classic Note3 or even 4 becaue I like spen 700$ for Vive/high end PC for something more revolucionary than "more ram, more ghz, some small improvement what I had from Xposed 2 years ago…."

  3. It is a very bland looking, easily mistake it for an $80 phone, seen a few videos, camera is good but nothing special, the assistant is Google tweaked and can't be typed only spoken, not ideal, I'm buying a high end phone coming from note 4, pixel won't be it, don't have much faith in v20 either, note 5 perhaps?

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