Google Pixel Teardown – Screen Repair Battery Replacement Fix

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BLACK Pixel screens are HERE:
WHITE Pixel screens are HERE:
Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Phone opening metal tool:
Heat gun:


The Google Pixel phone is durable indeed, but not invincible. Glass screens can still crack and shatter, and sometimes need to be replaced. …

48 Replies to “Google Pixel Teardown – Screen Repair Battery Replacement Fix”

  1. Uhh quick question my pixel got water damaged and given how the pixel has no protection of water my camera and flash has failed.. so do you know if it's possible to replace the camera and flash and do you know if those parts can be found?

  2. You show accurately and precisely in 6 minutes what most other videos try to accomplish in 12 minutes. (Really appreciate the editing so we don't have to watch you unscrew 9 T-5 screws, and the mic'd up voiceover that made it easy to hear what you were saying). I sub'd after seeing this video.

  3. My Google pixel XL has bent right by the top volume button. The screen hasn't been damaged and everything works fine, do you think I could bend it back to its original shape, or at least close to that?

  4. Hello Jerry,
    Firstly I am not a technician of mobile phones but an Architect and Interior Designer. I have a question, I am having 2-Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which I don't want to part with because of the 6.5" screen. I was wondering if we can increase the RAM and ROM of the phone by adding them together in one of the phone?

  5. Why would you pay $149.99 for a screen when you can pay $149.99 at the authorised repair stores?

    Dont lose manufactuer warranty, and it's the same price?!

    Google: Authorised pixel repair, it'll save you $$ and hassle, and probably the phone lol.

  6. @jerryrigeverything or anyone in the comments, do any of you know where to get the front facing camera module for the google pixel xl, I scratched mine replacing my screen. You can divert me to any website might do this repair as well. Thank you

  7. Hey Jerry… I want to know that the camera of any smartphone can be upgraded ??? i mean from 8mp to 16mp or something…!!??

    I searched for it, but no where any video found about this… so can u plz do make a video about it in detail..!!

  8. I love your channel… recently found it, subscribed, and have been watching many of your past videos. FYI though, I'm not on Twitter or Instagram and never will be, so the repetitive reminders at the end of every video are annoying. I know, I'm watching your videos for free, so like, who cares. But that closing bit you do makes me cringe every single time. Just some honest feedback. Thanks for all the awesome videos!

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