HANDS ON – Comparing the Google Pixel and BlackBerry DTEK60 Android Launchers

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This is one of a series of hands on videos to compare and contrast the Google Pixel and BlackBerry DTEK60. This video showcases the features and experience of the launcher on each phone. Thank you everyone for their likes, subscriptions and comments.

48 Replies to “HANDS ON – Comparing the Google Pixel and BlackBerry DTEK60 Android Launchers”

  1. DTEK 60 is amazing phone , yes I'm user of bb10 passport , but dtek60 is best android phone with great quality, design and nice performance ! it's much luxury phone than any other android phones ! Everybody forget that convenience key was on blackberrys before bb10 .

  2. Miss my z10 and bb10. I think the Detek 60 is my next purchase.
    I'm just wondering, how does the headphone output measure up to some of the other flagship devices ??

  3. I just bought a DTEK60 a few days ago and I love it, but I wanna know what´s the name of the launcher you´re using on your DTEK60?
    How does it appear on Google Play ?
    Thank u man… hope u answer

  4. Terrific review. I'm really liking the BB DTEK60. Reminds me of cyanogenmod, to a certain extent. The tile option for the recent apps lists, is a nice touch.

    Only questions I have are does long pressing on the recent apps button bring up the settings menu, & will the DTEK60 be getting Android 7.0 anytime soon…?

  5. The Blackberry home button swipe is a nice development of the old Android 5 Google Now home button swipe. (I think that was even a Google API.) But as the swipe was replaced with Google Now on tap on stock Android – can you set up Now on tap as one of the swipes on the DTEK 60? I use this a lot.

  6. Hey man, peeerfect video! Very helpful. Pixel and moreso DTEK60 are the two phones I'd consider if I already had to replace my beloved, timelessly designed, never lagging Xperia Z3 (new Sonys don't aim to live up to this). I love optimizing my homescreen ever and ever.

  7. love your video's Daniel, they are so informative.  in your next video on the DTEK60 can you advise on call quality please, because believe it or not, I use my phone as a phone !  no one seems to mention call quality anymore.  keep up the good work and looking forward to your next video

  8. Comparing a $399 Alcatel 4S to a Pixel is asinine. Not even close and all this what Blackberry has done nonsense is equally silly. Its an midrange Android phone. It mines your data the same way all androids do . With lines like "Blackberrys convenience key is amazing" is laughable as this is an alcatel button and Blackberry had nothing to do with it. Blackberry has changed nothing in the Android OS and in fact is not allowed to or has the expertise to do so, The additions (few) are little skins pretending to be Blackberry innovation. Also the hub nonsense is easily outdone by the notification bar which holds all new emails, facebooks, telephone calls etc….everything until you wish to delete them. It is easily accessed by a swipe down and has no redundancies. How truly embarrassing that Blackberry is calling this their phone.

  9. I've been eyeing this phone for like a month now.. But everytime I am very close to buying it, I read reviews that Blackberry will abandon this thing again, etc.. I have really only used one BB device in the past, the Bold 9700, and I loved it. I've moved on to Android after that time..and I'm totally enjoying it. But now that BB has an Android device, I got very excited! Reviews are great, too..but there's just too much hate on the phone. What happened? Is it still worth it to get this? 🙁

  10. I've been a BlackBerry user for years – still have my BB Storm 2, Z10, Z30, and I've been using the Classic now for the past year. Unfortunately, the screen on my Classic bugged out and stopped working, so I needed a new phone. Verizon doesn't carry any new BB phones like the DTEK 50 or 60, so I had to go with a different brand. I went with the Google Pixel XL simply because Verizon not carry new BB running Android.

    So as a BB user who is now using the Google Pixel, this comparison was interesting to watch.

  11. Great video. I find the Dtek 60 is a great device. What I don't get is why they wanted to sell a device that is a Alcatel design that is currently being sold at the same time. I guess blackberry gives no dams at this point. They are always over pricing their devices. Why get a Dtek 60 at $499 when you can get the Alcatel 4S, VR goggles, JBL headphones, and an incipio case for $399? $100 for security?

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