16 Replies to “HTC 10 review: UltraPixel 2 and BoomSound Hi-Fi isn’t enough to beat the Galaxy S7 and LG G5”

  1. HTC brought nothing new to the table are you serious lol although its only a few technical things they did put OIS in the front facing camera which is a first on any smartphone also the integrated dac makes this one of the best in audio playback you need to give credit where it is due I can hear the bias all through this review and im an S7 edge owner but when i do my reviews i give credit where its deserved and i feel you sold it short in those regards

  2. maybe next time HTC should make a phone that prints real money to satisfy haters. I would rather pay £100 more to get a HTC 10 than Samsung s7 and LG g5 purely for the quality, reliability and looks of the HTC 10.

  3. What was it that made you say that it isn't enough to beat the G5 and S7? I'm far from a fan of HTC, I've never even owned one. But to say that it can't rival the other flagships is just ridiculous.

    This phone has:

    1. Better speakers than most.

    2. Best audio through headphones!

    3. Better build than the G5 and more robust than the S7.

    4. Adoptable storage. You could install apps on the memory card itself. S7 and G5 did not activate this feature despite having Marshmallow on board.

    5. The cleanest and lightest ui out of all the flagships this year.

    6. A competitive camera. This is where they lose out slightly to the others, but not by much. Plus, future updates could probably improve the camera further.

    One major problem I see with this phone is the price. It is quite plainly, idiotic. Other than that, it more than competes with the very best this year.

  4. If you are comparing speakers of the 10 with HTC m9, then u should also compare other flagship with m9s speakers. 10 is a clear winner in speakers comparing to 2016 flagship but you don't wanna mention it. That's ridiculous and judgementaly biased lol. I

  5. People are so much more critical of HTC than any other phone brand I have seen. Always pointing out false flaws, or minor flaws. Then they will not do so about other flagship phones.

  6. S7 lags on some phones, it is a fingerprint magnet, has a shitty single speaker, gimmick curved display, not a good DAC compared to the 10, TouchWiz is designed for 10 year olds and so is the AMOLED display? How does the S7 win? It wins if you have down syndrom lol.

  7. Had HTC retained dual, front facing speakers (finger print scanner on rear), I would have pre-ordered. I appreciate HTC supporting unlocking of bootloader. As it is, I am waiting to see Nexus and One Plus offerings. May wind up buying 6P instead of any of the newer flagships.

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