HTC 8S vs Nokia Lumia 620 | Budget Windows Phone | Specs Comparison

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Comparison on specs between the low-budget Windows phones from HTC and Nokia.
HTC 8S and Nokia Lumia 620
Operating system: Windows Phone 8
This video is created by me(Sanjeev Saju).Music I used in this video is Jake Miller’s Beast Mode (non-copyrighted).


21 Replies to “HTC 8S vs Nokia Lumia 620 | Budget Windows Phone | Specs Comparison”

  1. Actually it's the same resolution but with better PPI, yes it's clearblack instead of Super LCD and 3.7" as apposed to 4" but the 620 has the same CPU and RAM, has 8GB storage (8S only has 4GB) NFC, more colour options and also has a front facing camera (8S doesn't have one) and also a MUCH better rear camera. Also the fact that the Lumia 620 has MORE features and MORE appeal and it costs LESS. 8S is a good phone by all means, but you get more bang for your buck with the 620.

  2. For those who think just bcause the Lumia's by Nokia has a small battery doesnt mean it will not long lasting.. Android drain the Smartphones battery more.. Like Galaxy Ace vs Lumia 610 = 5 hour(s) vs 7 hour(s) .. *WP phone drained battery lesser*

  3. The reviewer forgot to add the fact that the Lumia 620 has a bunch of Nokia-exclusive apps like Nokia Music, Nokia City Lens, etc. which – for me – tip the balance in favor of the Nokia, even though I like the HTC's design a little bit more.

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