I Added a Camera to my Phone (Moto Mod)

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Motorola has introduced the new Moto Play Z and the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod. Does adding a camera to the back of your phone work? Watch and find out!

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50 Replies to “I Added a Camera to my Phone (Moto Mod)”

  1. Genius idea but I think moto should make their own camera mod and use a top of the line sensor from sony. That way they can control the cost to produce and sell it for greater profit and it'll cost less to buy as well. Probably as cheap as $150

  2. Dude it's Hasselblad, you know who the Hasselblad is? Only the name costs 150$ (their cameras costs more than 10.000$ without lens!) !!
    The implementation is very bad, especially with optical zoom 10x, you need a tripod to shoot.
    Hassebland is a very big company in pro photography, but not good choice for that thing, to expensive for that.

    Hassy is trying to get from the top pro, in the consumer base and it's falling, like one other enthusiast camera 1-2 years before!
    Hassy, stop doing that, stick with the top pros only you ruin your myth!!

  3. not worth it. what happens when you move on with phones or this one gets damaged/stolen? you got a $250 paperweight. it's best to work a few extra hours and get a real camera…

  4. I think we see why Google have shut the door on its modular centre and ceased trading in that division. The modular concept just doesn't work, either by exchanging mods or by upgrading specs. It is flawed, the price being the obvious one. Not that I don't think Moto did badly, where as LG failed big time, Moto have created a good alternative to the moaners on here who insist life without a removable battery is beyond the pale. They now have a great alternative. I would judge the Moto Z without the mods and although a bit pricey I think it's a very good phone, that along with the HTC 10 are vying for best phones of 2016.

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