I Tried Android for the First Time

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Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone 6 Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin.

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36 Replies to “I Tried Android for the First Time”

  1. Not all Android phones are the same. You should have included Nexus 6 on the title. Like Samsung Galaxy S series phones have a home button. I'm like you though in terms of using multi platforms. I use Windows PCs and laptops when I'm in my home office then Surface Pro 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S pen and iPhone 6s plus when on the road.

  2. now that i have gotten rid of my iphone, i love android, and will NEVER go back to the jail cell that is crapple. crapple environment locks you in to so many things, and that is why you are feeling so locked out when you don't have it. Once I discovered that i could change soooooooo many things to work and look the way i want them to work and look, i was hooked. i never knew what a prisoner i was on the crapple environment, until i discovered android. plus, if you get a galaxy s7 edge, you still have that physical home button, which i really like having. and once i rooted the s7 edge, it was sooooo much more powerful, and so many more options than any of my iphones. btw, i bought the unlocked international version of the s7 edge, because the exynos chip is much faster and better than the snapdragon chip in the american models, and it has better memory management and battery life. try a s7 edge for a few weeks, you will be hooked. lastly, there are fifty different apps for every app i had with crapple. so you can try different ones, and decide which ones you prefer to use. AND EVERYTHING DOES NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH ITUNES ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like I phone's but they kinda seem like they're for cave men alot of stuff on it works but their are things that aren't practical either but people don't know what they're missing until they use an Android

  4. There are probably about 25 or more different companies that make phones that use the Android operating system. and just one iPhone. in my opinion Android is for those who are enthusiast. there many phones that are better than an IPhone. it's been about 10 years if not more now, since the launch of the first iPhone. back then it was something new. but now (2016/2017) you can get a pretty good Chinese Android phone for about $200.00 that does everything really well. Like an Asus, a Xiaomi, or other name brands. but like everything else to each their own. 🙂

  5. It would have been better if he slowed down a bit and spoke clearly. It seemed like he was reading it off a paper, sometimes swallowing words in between the huge sentences without pause.

  6. My switch wasn't easy either, but after two full years, I finally got the hang of it (although I haven't done any modding and custom ROMs) and I'm perfectly happy with the switch.

    I still miss having media controls everywhere, but I guess there should be a way to enable that again.

  7. So it seems what we really would prefer is what your SECOND week would be like, after all that wasted time trying to set it up because you couldnt remember any passwords or the apps that you needed ahead of time.

  8. I don't need to switch iOS to Android or Android to iOS, the reason is I have iPhone 6 plus and Nexus 6p. And they both doing great on their own performance and style. I never have a problem using those two phones. All good

  9. There is only one style of hardware: IPhone 6 or 6s or 6s plus or 7. But there are many many Androids you can choose if not Nexus 6p, Samsung S6 or S6 edge or S7 or S7 edge or Google or Sony Z5 or HTC 10 or many more. You can choose an Android that suits your hardware needs unlike Iphones. Your choice at the end of the Life.

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