Introducing Moto Mods™ – Transform your phone in a snap :30

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Introducing Moto Mods™, the first real change for smartphones in a real long time. Moto Mods instantly transform your smartphone into an entirely new device, doing what no other phone can do. Like turn it into a movie projector,
a boombox, or a battery powerhouse. The possibilities are practically endless. Moto Mods magnetically snap onto your phone, seamlessly becoming one with it. And they’re easy to swap whenever inspiration strikes.
Project a TV show to watch with friends. Or blast…

17 Replies to “Introducing Moto Mods™ – Transform your phone in a snap :30”


    My advice if your phone has a problem DO NOT use the company Motorola's recommends to fix your phone problems (ANOVO). If you do use them be warned;
    They will not contact you and you will have to ring to make payment.
    THERE ARE TWO QUOTES. The first is a handling fee (mine was £35) and then is a second fee to fix the phone. They do not tell you there will be a second fee when you pay the first quote so you believe that you will soon receive the phone when actually it is still at ANOVO
    Ring daily as you can rely on no one. Motorola have no knowledge, they cannot access anything and they can’t do anything. Do not trust them, although some people at Motorola can be lovely and understanding they can't do anything to help you, either at all or at any particular speed.
    If you finally get beaten down enough you give up and just want you phone back even if it isn’t repaired it will cost you £19 for P&P.


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