iPhone 5 Camera Speed Shutter Test

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Demonstration on the iPhone 5’s camera taking photos in rapid succesion. Very impressive.
Held with two hands, keeping the phone stabilised during the photography burst is very easy.

Filmed on an iPhone 4, edited on the phone with iMovie and uploaded also to youtube from the phone.

20 Replies to “iPhone 5 Camera Speed Shutter Test”

  1. You are actually testing burst speed, not shutter speed. The former is measured in FPS or photos per second and the latter in 1/seconds.
    Of course, a 10 FPS burst speed means each photo's shutter speed was faster than 1/10s.

  2. for something that came out after the iphone 5, that'd be an expectation. Again, i'm not saying any particular phone is better then any other, but for arguments sake, any company's flagship phone released *after* a competitors company's flagship model should have improved functionality right?

  3. YES!! finally! i have been so jealous of android fones regarding burst shot. Shame u cant just hold the shoot button for continuous shooting. Im sures theres apps for that. If you do want to reduce camera shake when using 'rapid fire' shooting, you can plug in headphones and press volume up button to take photos which stops you shaking the body of the camera.

  4. Not all – as it was night time, under indoor lighting, whenever the camera was pointed away from a light source resulted in some being blurry.. Using this outside in a sun light area, all the photos were sharp. Focussing and aperture adjustment is the only delay imposed, but as they can both be locked, as long as the subject doesn't move too close or too far from where you focus-locked, they're all sharp. The same applies with the Galaxy s3 also.

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