iPhone 5S : iOS 10 Final vs iOS 9.3.5 Speed Test / Performance Test

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Apple released iOS 10 today September 13th as they
promised during the event. We have waited along time
for this release, and it is finally here.
I will run a the speed test on this final release. and this time
I will include Basemark OSII and Geekbench 4 benchmark tests.

Hopefully it will perform even faster than the betas and the GM.

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iOS 10.0.1 Final comes with build…

30 Replies to “iPhone 5S : iOS 10 Final vs iOS 9.3.5 Speed Test / Performance Test”

  1. Видео ролик длится 9:12 минут, при этом работа телефонов показана не весь ролик, так как в начале и в конце заставки. Включаются телефоны в 8:50, а заканчивается тест когда на часах 9:06. То есть аппараты проработали больше чем длится ролик, примерно 15 минут. Что произошло за 6 минут что нам не показали? Скорее всего подзарядка, так как к концу теста заряд 96%, что как то не реально. Что то от нас скрыли. Возможно iOS10 потребляет больше энергии.

  2. Great vids as always. I run to your channel first thing IOS 10 was out. I'ma afraid there is noticeable lag in Ios 10 on Iphone 5s. Maybe next versions will get faster but you always loose some of the speed by upgrading. Compared to 8.4.1 it's a drag! Keeping my 9.3.5 for now..

  3. Your videos would be more useful if you showed some keyboard entry within various apps and UI views. For example, instead of jumping to the NYT via a bookmark – type the address. (yes I know it's difficult to do simultaneously) Keyboard lag has been one of the worst things about upgrading devices to newer versions of iOS. I'd be interested in seeing how much of an issue it is with iOS 10 on these older devices. I see some of your comments suggest it's still a big problem. 🙁

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