iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge?

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iPhone 5S is getting a bit old, but still be purchased prepaid such as boost mobile, Also the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge is available for boost mobile as well. The intentions of this video is to help you make a decision which device is going to be for you, with this information you should be able to decide which device between the iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge is going to be right for you. Thank you for watching this video if you enjoyed it please be sure to like the video and share…

21 Replies to “iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge?”

  1. Hi Nick — I bought the Samsung Galaxy J3 last week, (but just noticed its the J3 6). I bought this phone cos my Microsoft Lumia got dropped in the bath, and it died!! But in actual fact its the best thing that ever happened, because I never realized HOW SLOW the Microsoft Lumia is!!!!! Not until I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy J3… Anyway — my question is this! How can I get the newer Samsung Galaxy J3 with Marshmallow? (mine is the Lollipop version 6, with the square camera on the back)… The version [reviewed above] with the round camera, is MUCH more sleek looking and more posh looking model!!! How can I go back to the shop and swap it for the newer model you have there??? What reason can i give them at the shop?? (I bought it with a contract you see with Tesco's, so I didn't pay anything for the physical phone itself) David Alp 🙂

  2. j3 emerge didn't come with headphones last year's did I like the old one better so mad I let fall rite on the floor screen looks as if my phone is off glass is good I'm saving it fix it down the road I needed a phone asap! my birthday in 4 days no phone would of been crazy!

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