30 Replies to “iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus Water Test! Waterproof?”

  1. I dropped my 6s in the toliote yesterday and left it in rice overnight and then when I took it out of the rice it's screen was super messed up and had all these lines and dots but everything else on it was ok and I kept it on and the lines and dots dissapeared and my phone was perfectly ok

  2. My phone fell in my pocket into the toilet today (I'm on crutches) when I took it out, it worked perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong with it. I'm so relieved because I saved my money for this phone.

  3. I'd use iphone 6 S Plus. Some inconvenience is having to type in Hindi. Neither such a voice to type in Hindi nor hand writing. Please loaded in the IPhone 6 s plus.
    Option in its keyboard to type digits, the digits numbers have to type to open a new page. But the galaxy phone to type the number in front of the facility is available.

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