iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Comparison

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In this video sakitech will do a full comparison between the iPhone 6S Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will compare everything including the processor, memory, battery life, build quality, design language, dimensions, weight, and much more.

S7 Edge In-Depth:

iPhone 6S Plus In-Depth:

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26 Replies to “iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Comparison”

  1. Really good review as usual, i have the s7 edge but im thinking of switching to 6s plus, as matter of fact i have a friend who is willing to trade his 6s+ 64gb for my s7 edge 32gb… do you think i should do it? even though i analized the features of each phone deeply i still cant make the choice

  2. This is true
    Iphone 6splus – battery ,selfie cam,music and software
    S7 edge – display way better, main camera, waterproof, features, design

    Had both ,i think in durability department iphone is better home button is made of sapphire glass on the s7 is easily scratched …and another issue on the s7 edge is hard to find a decent screen protector its a hell finding one

  3. Congratulations on this so highly, comprehensive, no bull comparison of these two models.
    Love the language, the diction & the way you explain every detail.
    Now, here's my situation:
    I've been seriously practising photography for the last 30 years. I've seen the change of the digital medium and its rapid growth. I use the smart phone (Apple) for many "portable" reasons. I also bought many apps to enrich creativity, but I feel prisoner of the company. They have great apps, but sometimes they lag or don't deliver the expected results. But that's another subject. Recently I bought the Ipad Pro to work my pictures & videos. Now, as I see your great exposition, I'm inclined to buy the Samsung based on the data (camera resolution, etc)
    Can I take videos & stills with the Samsung and then transfer them to the Ipad Pro to be edited?
    Will the Apple apps accept them?
    It will be the best of two worlds, don't you think?
    Thanks for your time.
    Keep on clicking,
    keep on sharing.

  4. Which phone has heating issues – Apple quality stays Intact as long as you use it but Samsung's will start great but the quality starts going bad with time – has anyone experienced the same.

  5. And of course the s7 edge is way better than the 6s plus . the i phone 6s plus didn't even beat the s7 edge in one comparison that is so shame on apple . i have the s7 edge and i also experienced the iPhone flagships there is nk even comparison between them and there is major diffrences between them that gives all of the features to the s7 edge .

  6. iphone fan boys saying the iphone 7 will kick SG s7 edge ass please wait tell next march 2017 where the new galaxy will kick ass it goes on like that but still i prefer samsung over apple

  7. So of the specs on both phones or incorrect, the A9 chip is clocked at 1.85GHz per core I'm not 100% sure about the S7 Edge as that's not really my concern as I'm an iPhone guy.

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