iPhone 6S+ Vs. OnePlus 3 in 2016 (4K)

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I really like both phones. I couldn’t pick between them!

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29 Replies to “iPhone 6S+ Vs. OnePlus 3 in 2016 (4K)”

  1. Is there any reason why the Iphone should cost more than twice the amount of One Plus?
    goes to show you how apple and other big companies have been ripping us apart

  2. i am not an IPhone fan but i dont think OP3 comes anywhere near Iphone 6s and 6s plus . iphones price is definitely high than OP3 but obviously there is something that you are paying your money for.

  3. I don't know what your usage habits are o smartphones, but speaking as someone working in IT for an international company that issues BlackBerry and Apple ~(50/50) smartphones across the Canadian firm… I can tell you with the authority of someone to whom iPhone users regularly complain… that the only people getting more than half a day out of a single charge on their iPhones, are those who raerly even use the devices. We've had numerous complaints about a sharp drop-off I battery performance, after the first couple of months. That… plus the fact that the OnePlus charges so quickly… gives it the complete edge on battery performance (I include charge time with battery performance)

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