iPhone 7 VS ZMax Pro, Axon 7, Idol 4s, Moto Z [SPEAKER BATTLE]

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iPhone 7 VS other iPhones

I battle the new #iPhone7 against some powerful phones! #iPhone7 #Axon7 #ZMaxPro #idol4s #BlackBerryPassport #BlackBerryClassic #Idol4

Here is a speaker test with the #iPhone7 VS some of my other phones!

Here is the ZeroLemon 4000mAh Battery Case for the #iPhone7

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35 Replies to “iPhone 7 VS ZMax Pro, Axon 7, Idol 4s, Moto Z [SPEAKER BATTLE]”

  1. iPhone 7 was weak compared to the Idol 4, 4S sounded the best in my opinion, the bass was so rich! Everything stood out nicely… If it weren't for the average CPU etc I would consider one actually, but alas, I don't buy phones for their speakers, which is why I'm probably going to get the Note 7 (without bad battery) I might even wait for the announcement of the next Nexus

  2. How did the iPhone 7 win against the Moto Z?? The iPhone 7 just sounded trebley and loud, while the Moto Z had good fidelity and sounded more rich in the mid-bass section… It actually surprised me tbh…

  3. Has a great speaker*

    The iPhone only has a single speaker. The speaker holes on the left are there to distribute the sound of the speaker on the right, it doesn't actually have a second dedicated speaker behind that speaker grill.

  4. You know what I think not a fan of IPhone's but very much enjoy the test.Love being schooled because you never have enough knowledge and Love my music and all music.I think I have to have the most eclectic mix of music.That people are shocked when it comes to what I listen to.I absolutely love music so had to hear this review.Thanks again J.

  5. would the 7 plus have better speakers? and what's up with the iPhone 7 plus hiss noise? does it use the speaker grille for calls on normal calls for a secondary speaker aswell?

  6. I think we all knew it wasn't going to hang with axon7/Moto X Pure/6P and phones like that but it is pretty decent (bubbles voice 😉 ). It sounds a bit distorted at that max volume though. 7s will be the same drivers so I wouldn't expect a difference unless it has bigger resonance chambers, which it possibly could.

  7. ZTE AXON 7! Winner…… and it's the Definite Winner! oh let me say it again ZTE AXON 7! is the Winner…. don't let me say it again, hold me back. Ahhhhhhh AXON Baby.! Great And fun test J. Awesome✌

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