iPhone Tricks You Never Knew

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You don’t need an iPhone 7 to have a good time! There are a few things the iPhone does that no one pays attention to! This and more today on People Be Like!

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49 Replies to “iPhone Tricks You Never Knew”

  1. The only reason why people buy iphones is because they look great tbh and because its generic. Truth is Android ranked #1 this year and iphones are at #10. Just because everybody has one doesn't mean its the best!

  2. the difference between android users and iphone users is obvious… 80% of iPhone users carry a charger everywhere if you don't believe me then ask any of your friends with iphones and I guarantee you they have a charger???

  3. Iphones are stupid get a samsung u get free music u get more apps and more space u just get more and there smarter and stronger I have a samsung so I should know my mom had and iPhone she hated it cause it kept on breaking

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