LG Stylo 2 vs Samsung J7 – Which is better ? |HQ| Metro/T-mobile/Cricket/Boost

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Galaxy J7 Full review:
LG Stylo 2 plus Full review:
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35 Replies to “LG Stylo 2 vs Samsung J7 – Which is better ? |HQ| Metro/T-mobile/Cricket/Boost”

  1. I myself will go with the lg for fact tat I gave 2 of the lg stylo and their decent phones and there are improvements with the 2 but my biggest deciding factor is that I've NEVER had an issue with lg customer service where as samsung when I bought s4 months later manufacturer defect happened and they would nor repair it and said it was more economic for me to purchase a new phone,s5 for like $400+ instead of them doin a $50 fix which I had done when they returned the phone to me since then I boycott samsung

  2. I went with the Stylo because of its capability to be placed on a 5 GHz wifi (my home primarily uses wifi AC, which is 5 GHz. The J7 wouldn't be able to see this wifi), and the quick unlock with the finger print.

  3. I am about to purchase one of these phones on Friday, and I am not sure which one. I like the stylo because of the stylus that will be an excellent feature for me. I currently have an galaxy S6 edge plus which has completely conked out on me. I am a little annoyed with Galaxy as the last two I had have done virtually the same thing, a black screen and must continually restart the phone for it to semi work. I believe I will go with Stylo.

  4. There's is black or white choice here — It all depends on the phone's intended use. If gaming and watching videos is important to you — something that I never do — definitely go for the J7. No one mentioned that the J7 also has a built-in ANT+ radio for communicating with fitness devices, such as cycling trainers and Garmin computers. The J7 is also more vulnerable to water or sweat damage because of the physical home button on the front. If u workout with the J7, make sure to put it into a waterproof case of some kind. The Stylo has more mundane type of functionality. If you're a business person, student, frequently attend meetings, do research, shop a lot, need to capture snipits from the Internet, you would be better served by the Stylo.

  5. I'm using the j7 right now and there is no clipboard like the lg stylo "1" had. I have a question. do you know which one has a better motion rate picture quality. like 60fps.. I know the first lg stylo had a pixely look to it. I noticed it right of the back. and it played certain games kind of off, as in a few frames missing. obviously the j7 is better than the stylo "1" but I have yet to use the stylo 2 plus.

  6. the stylo has so many more features. y'all not even mentioning that it has nfc and j7 doesnt, as well as gorilla glass 3, fingerprint scanner, stylus and bigger screen. even tho the stylo's battery isn't quite as good, Its still exceptional. the cameras are nearly identical except the j7 front flash. the only true advantage to me is the amoled screen on the j7. lg by far is the better deal. Samsung's name alone is adding about $50 to the price of the j7

  7. in my personal experiences samsung last longer
    lg falls appart
    samsung updates a few times
    lg hardly updates
    samsung has better hardware
    lg has more features
    my favorite thing on samsumg is power saving mode
    lg has basic saving mode
    but lg has always had cheaper fones but iv broken most of them
    samsung hardly breaks

  8. Since I've been with Metro since The beginning of 2015, I've trusted Samsung, I've gotten the Samsung Galaxy Light, Galaxy Core Prime, & the Galaxy Grand Prime, and well the J7 sounds like a better deal than getting Samsung's top flagship phones. Every Galaxy I've had, they're well built.

  9. i personally think the lg stylo has more to offer then the samsung one that one looks and feels cheap unlike the stylo and the stylus makes it even better and u can write on the screen without having to turn it on so that helps when having to jot something down u dont want to forget. also the pop up texts are nice added feature. so overall i feel like the sytlo is the better option overall.

  10. I had my Stylo 2 plus since June 24th and there is so many features built into the phone that most people have not brought up like stock flashlight, you can assign a different ring tone and a different notification for each contact, schedule text messages in the future and assign up to 6 hot keys.
    the Stylus 2 plus is coming in the up coming weeks to Metro pcs also. soooooo I will buy that phone to I'm sure.

  11. if you go on MetroPCS website the Galaxy j7 does not have Gorilla Glass 3 the LG Stylo 2 plus does so I'm going to go with the LG Stylo 2 plus I'm Still rocking the ZTE zmax I'm never buying ZTE phones again they do not update their software still on KitKat 4.4 thanks for the review new subscriber here

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