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– Motorola opens Moto G4 Play US pre-orders at $150, Amazon ads drop price to $100
– Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones tipped to launch pre-loaded with Android 7.1 Nougat
– Surprise, surprise, it sounds like a Huawei-made Nexus 7…

32 Replies to “LG V20 announced, Google Pixel XL details & more – Pocketnow Daily”

  1. i took off 4 different times this weekend, and there was an announcement before each boarding that if you owned a note 7 you were not allowed to turn it on while inside the plane.

  2. Ok … Now that I have returned My Galaxy Note 7 and there is no reliable date as to when I would get a replacement this beast comes along. Looks very tempting as sound is just as important to me as Pics. If it was available now I would probably try it (would be my 1st LG) Also considering Nexus P or next version. How toes the V20 stand up to those phones?

  3. I love the fact that LG gives you more in a phone that you actually want.
    So am hands down up for the V20 as a proud owner of the LG G4, this phone is an overall good well packaged bag and would own one if it is affordable.

  4. The LG V20 is just pure beauty. And with so many actual new features i'm hoping to get it but i already have the V10 sooo. i can't have 3 working phones in the house that i would only use the V20 and V10

  5. I have the V10 almost a year, and I just Love it. Its the best phone i've ever used. I cannot wait until the v20 comes out to get it. Because even tho they might not sell as much as apple or samsung, they know exactly what i want and implement it in an awsome way in the v-series. Hopefully they dont get rid og it

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