Moto E3 Power vs Redmi 3s Speed Test and Multitasking Comparison

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The Redmi 3S Prime comes with significantly better specs than the Moto E3 Power. A faster-clocked octa-core CPU coupled with a more powerful GPU and 3GB RAM, while the Moto E3 Power comes with an ancient MediaTek quad-core chip running at only 1GHz and 2GB RAM.

However, the Moto E3 Power runs on a near-stock build of Marshmallow, unlike the Redmi 3S which needs all the extra horsepower to run MIUI smoothly.

So, which phone performs better in our speed test and multitasking comparison?…

5 Replies to “Moto E3 Power vs Redmi 3s Speed Test and Multitasking Comparison”

  1. Hello , Today I have Ordered Redmi 3S prime. I lived in Kolkata but I really don't know about the Xioami's after sale service supports. Shall I pay for the phone or go for something else ( as I really need the after sale services in case something happens ) ? If anyone can suggest me any smartphone in between 7k – 10k , that will be pretty much helpful.
    These are some of the Default specs that should present in that particular smartphone :
    1. A Good Processor ( don't like Mediatek ) [ as , I really like fast charging ]
    2. at least 2 GB of Ram with proper Ram Management [ As , I really like to play games everyday basis ]
    3. proper rear and front camera with LED flash [ with less heating issue ]
    4. at least 1 or 1½ of Battery usage
    5. Good Software support
    6. At least need to run these apps : A-Z screen recorder , Xender , share it , Fifa games , YouTube and some emulators without crashing .
    I'll be very helpful if anyone helps me … Thanks ?

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