Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus Review: Price vs Features

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My thoughts on the Moto G line. Boy, the competition is STIFF!
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Time stamps:
Intro: 0:05
Pricing: 0:57
Design & overview: 2:28
MOOV Sponsorship: 4:51
CPU & performance: 6:11
Features: 10:32
battery: 12:45
Display: 13:25
Connectivity and Misc: 15:37
Cameras: 17:24
Conclusion: 20:21

47 Replies to “Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus Review: Price vs Features”

  1. it's a good decent phone. the g4 is the better bargain at 200. once over 300 it's time to step it up to something better. just a little too big and hate typing or texting on the thing

  2. I had recently ordered the Moto G4 Plus (Dual Sim) prior to watching this video. – I like your reviews. – My question pertains to your comments on the screen colors "lacking calibration". So, once I get the phone, is it possible to change settings or install an app in order to display better images? What do you recommend? – Thanks for informing the consumer via your videos. Keep it up!!! ?

  3. Also micro SD , which the OP3 doesn't have ! Not to mention that the top g4+ also packs the same internal storage space that the OP3 does for $100 less ! Nor should we discount the fingerprint scanner, which seems to work better than quite well few flagships' ..Then there's the camera. With the caveat that the OP3 , my Lumia 640 XL and my Lumia 830 all have better cameras, for the price the g4+ has a great camera!

  4. Well, of course the One +3 is better,it's a flagship, with a price to match ! So why would someone go for the g4+ over the One +3 ,? In my case , budget constraints for me $100 is a lot of money!

  5. Great video, I have the moto g4+, and it has a hard time picking up and holding a wifi signal, it says wifi available but won't easily connect, and when it does the signal is weak, I don't know if it's just my phone or these phones just have poor reception capabilities, if anyone has one please let me know. Thanks

  6. thank you so much for showing the practical things about the phones like what kind of SIM card it uses alot of other channels will go on and on about the thickness and speed and why it's not a iPhone they skip over alot of small details that make a having the phone enjoyable or painful. I love your style keep making videos I hope that you get more sponsors and maybe you're able to reach more media platforms.

  7. Hi Erica, this review was indeed awesome and gave really deep insight to Moto G4 plus. However, I think that you shouldn't bring up OnePlus 3 so much in the review because this isn't about it. People who are thinking of buying Moto g4 plus are doing so because of the price and features. Therefore, it's of no use to compare it with OnePlus 3, as it does cost significantly higher. 🙂

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