Moto G4 Plus vs Xiaomi Mi5 Camera Comparison

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In this video I put the Camera of the Moto G4 Plus against the camera of the Xiaomi Mi5.
Watch the video for lot of image and video samples, and to see which camera comes on top.

Moto G4 Plus Camera Review :
Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera Review :

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41 Replies to “Moto G4 Plus vs Xiaomi Mi5 Camera Comparison”

  1. Hi.. Thanks a lot for your honest review …. I heard very recently in September 2nd week Lenovo had rolled out an upgrade to resolve the heating issue with the camera … My question to you is does the camera still heat up the device after the upgrade?

  2. Awesome video Sagar! Liked it. I am shocked to see that the pictures clicked by Moto G4+ in low light condition turn out be better than the ones by Mi5. Before the start of the video I expected that the camera in Mi5 will beat the one in G4+ hands down. Moto did an awesome job. Could you also please do a camera comparison between OnePlus 3 and Moto G4 plus? Especially the low light conditions and selfies from front snappers. I and some of my friends will really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  3. respected sagar I am tech boy a new channel on YouTube to give Review on tech products and also want to become a tech reviewer,how do get these phones from companies when you start up

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