Moto M Benchmark vs. Moto G4 vs. Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime vs. Huawei Nova Plus

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Benchmarks used:

PCMark (Work 2.0)
Geekbench 3
3DMark (Sling Shot)
GFXBench (Car Chase / T-Rex offscreen)
AndroBench (storage read / write)

Benchmarking the Motorola Moto M vs. Moto G4 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime and Huawei Nova Plus. I got a chinese Moto M and have it compete against two other 5.5in FHD phones with 3000mAh battery. Helio P15 CPU vs. Snapdragon 625 and Snapdragon 617!

23 Replies to “Moto M Benchmark vs. Moto G4 vs. Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime vs. Huawei Nova Plus”

  1. Moto m has MTK Helio 15 processor which is second quality in the market..which will be releasing in india on 15.12.16 While the Moto g4 plus has Qualcomm snapdragon octacore which is the best one

  2. iam huge fan of moto phones used till now moto E2,G3, and x play moto does everything good camera, display, design but proceeser collection is not good of moto like far moto G2 they should have gone with Sd 410
    far g3 Sd 615
    far g4 sd 625
    far moto z play sd 650
    moto m 625

  3. please uill get more views from india, your first in you tube to provide moto m videos, so ioo get more views here from india, moto m is going ti llaunched in india soon by Dec 15

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