41 Replies to “Moto X Force (Droid Turbo 2) VS Moto X Style (Pure) Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Speed Test!”

  1. Hey guys, help me out.
    The X Force or X Style? Is Style worth over the X Force or is the Force worth the extra buck, I am sking since now both of them are good deals, so if I have to spit out numbers: 300 Euro for Style 420 Euro for X Force.

  2. I had the Style a few months but finally upgraded to the Force one week ago for one reason only: battery. The battery on the style just doesn't cut it when you use it a lot for navigating and spend a lot of time in poor coverage areas. I don't really mind the looks of IPS display, but it may have been responsible for the shorter battery life as well. I also think Moto Display was simply designed with AMOLED in mind.

  3. Hey man, great vid but could you please please please do a comparison between the motorola moto x style and the samsung galaxy a5, i just wanna see those two side by side, how fast they are and probably a camera test to make the choice of which one i should go for, it would be great if u did this and keep up the good work 😀

  4. Trinky can you do a Camera comparison with the Style/Pure and Force/Turbo 2 phones. DXO Mark shows that Force/Turbo 2 has a better Camera software then the Style/Pure even though both use the same camera lense. The Software Image Stabilization on the Style/Pure is very good compared to the Nexus phones. It's amazing how many flagship phones suck in comparison to the Style/Pure in image stability.

  5. Hey what phone should i get in a few months? I can't spend much more than 450-500AUD. I would be able to buy a 2015 flagship or a 2016 midranger. I would prefer to have a fingerprint sensor on my phone.

  6. I use my x style and you saying the 'Battery not amazing on the moto x style' is wrong, I regularly get 6 hours of sot and a battery drain rate of 1.5%/hour when the screen is off.

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