Moto X Pure Edition (2015) Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn test, Moto Style

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Here is a solid Smart Phone repair kit:
Here is the WHITE screen with frame:
Here is the BLACK Screen with Frame:

Let me know if those links stop working!!

FYI: The Moto X Pure Was released in the USA, and the Moto X Style is the same phone for international markets. They are pretty identical in hardware and software, just the Pure Edition comes unlocked, and works with USA carriers.

The camera I used to film this video:…

42 Replies to “Moto X Pure Edition (2015) Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn test, Moto Style”

  1. This is slight bs. Like I dropped it once and it shattered completely. I scratched in multiple times. I woke up and had a huge scratch on it. I dont sleep with anything sharp near me so no idea how that happened.

  2. I bought a moto x pure edition in the fall of last year and since then I have had to replace it twice. Firstly the screen started bugging out and when I sent it in to Motorola to have it rebuilt they sent it back three weeks late and in worse condition physically. I then had to send it in a couple months later because they turbocharge port wouldn't recognize my charge cable. I really wanted to like this phone but it's continuous problems have driven me away from Motorola products

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