29 Replies to “Moto Z Droid, UNBOXING & HANDS ON!”

  1. I think the fingerprint reader is ugly too, but might just take time to get used to it. Also, what happened to sacrificing thickness for more battery? 😉

    I believe they both have the same LTE bands (regular Z has extra band 1), so they both should work on T-Mobile, but missing band 12 so depending on your area that could hurt. The unlocked Z is reported to only work on GSM. I'd go with the Force since that isn't being released unlocked.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. I just picked up a nexus 6p in gold yesterday from best buy because they are on sale for $399, plus I had 100 gift card and $20 in best buy reward bucks. so I walked out paying a total of $317 with tax. people laugh at me for having so many phones! but it's my money and I have no kids so I do what I want with it. 🙂 great video!

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