Moto Z review: Modular madness?

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Motorola’s newest flagship devices try to experiement with Modular Smartphones and even a missing 3.5mm headphone Jack. How did the phone turn out? Find out by watching the video.

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24 Replies to “Moto Z review: Modular madness?”

  1. Paying £80 for a small battery pack that I can only use on the Moto when I can spend £15 and get a 50,000mah battery pack is really hard to swallow, in fact it's a bad joke. The same with the speaker, for £80 I can buy a high end Bluetooth speaker that I can use on my ipad, PC, second phone, etc. That is why this type of modularity is a total fail and a waste of money. So therefore you are paying £750 for the same spec phone as an OP3 that costs £330. Yes that is a no brainer. Even the S7 Edge is now being sold by resellers for £450 so buying the Moto Z is gonna be a tough sell, though the youth market may get excited in the short term. Staying that, if money is no object, it's a great looking phone, and will no doubt have the same performance as all Android premium phones in 2016. But to those with a mind to value for money this is pretty impossible to justify a buy.

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