MRTV LIVE #17: Mirage Solo Impressions, Wireless Samsung Odyssey, PSVR 2 …

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This is MRTV Live #17! We are going to talk about the Mirage Solo a lot, Google’s first Standalone VR headset, also about more upcoming hardware like the Wireless Samsung Odyssey and PSVR 2..

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06:15 – Lenovo Mirage Solo
23:00 – Shitty sad controller
33:22 – PSVR 2
38:25 – Alto100 on…

17 Replies to “MRTV LIVE #17: Mirage Solo Impressions, Wireless Samsung Odyssey, PSVR 2 …”

  1. OK, the last thing I want to talk to anyone that wants to have standalone VR HMD and have watched this video, though you get the conclusion from MRTV that don't get the Mirage Solo and get the Go now, I still highly recommended to try both standalone HMD first before making any final decisions, because in the end, it's you who will wearing and use the HMD, not the guy you are watching to.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Oh right Berlin is the city you live in, I forgot. That new Samsung device sounds really intriguing and Microsoft seems to be taking WMR quite seriously and no telling what they have cooking in their research labs.

  3. Thanks for your videos! You do such a great job, man. The popularisation of VR industry. Wish you to become more and more popular, to increase our tecnology progress!
    P.S. sorry for my english, that's not my native language. =)

  4. Oculus go all the way, the issue that grinds my gears about the Lenovo mirage solo is the no internal speakers on the headset itself, $400 for a headset with no speakers and you always have to wear headphones to hear anything is ridiculous. Google should of really put more time in and thought more of better ideas before releasing this headset, thought about buying it but I think I'll have to pass, already bought the 64gb oculus go anyway

  5. The oculus 64 gb is 250 so the difference is 150 4 that u have 6dof better processor overcloked 75 Hz against 60 maybe 72 but is no standard better charging more storage and is more comfortable and in my opinion the mirage can have better future if they know how to do it I tried blade runner is 6dof and feel great and more immersive oculus they sell cheap because they make cheap a lot of reviews just put oculus as a content viewer don't just look at the price and is no expensive because with the mirage u have freedom but if u buy a pc vr u have 2 spend more money in the pc in my opinion the mirage is better and in the united states is sold out everywhere including best buy and amazon great show and congrats 4 the 10000 subscribers

  6. I think you should use some variations of music in the background I have been watching for a while and I am tired of the same song over and over. LOve the show keep up the good work

  7. Hey Sebastian! I'm a graphic designer— and a fan of your show. Just want to say your new logo is sick!:) The only thing I would do differently is tighten up the kerning between the R and the T just a bit. Great show– you're one of the best in the VR space– love your detailed & honest reviews! Keep up the good work man!

  8. The reason there is no games for the Mirage because the controller is only 3d. How would you even make a games that let you move in 6d but your hand/controller can't move? make no sense. Really stupid design and half-ass implementation. For $400 get a Oculus Rift with 2 hand 6d controllers.

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