45 Replies to “OnePlus X vs iPhone 6S Comparison – iPhone 7 In Disguise!”

  1. You know it's a great video, but I have to mention 3 things: 1.: The side of the OnePlus X is actually aluminum, the micro cuts are there for better grip. 2.:The white version of this phone is made out of a "champagne" glass on the rear side, the black is onyx, actually there is a ceramic version, which is slightly more expensive, and limited edition, that is made out of zircon ceramic on the back . 3.: Both colors have gorilla glass 3 on the front.
    So as I said great video overall!

  2. The OnePlus X is almost a third of the price of the iPhone 6S! The iPhone 6S 16GB is £539.00 to buy sim-free from the UK Apple website and the OnePlus X 16GB is now £189.00 to buy sim-free from their UK website. Plus, there is no more 'invite only'. That's a huge difference! You could buy a 6S. Or you could buy a OnePlus X, forego a couple of things like fingerprint scanner, older wifi/bluetooth and a camera with less features, but you'd save £340!

  3. damn finally i got this comparison made by u "everythingapple" cool dude . actually that oneplus is more fantastic and powerful beauty if that colour is BLACK. i really like that onyx glass kind like the most expensive touch in there. i got that and really good for a cheap anroid even i have SE hahahaha . One Plus the best

  4. OPX now has a really good manual mode in camera that lets you adjust ISO, Shutter Speed, Manual Focus and white balance though the white balance is very basic and i wouldn't suggest that but it can take great pictures especially in good lighting conditions. In low light conditions i would suggest lower the shutter speed and the ISO so that you get less noise in your photos (this works for stationary objects only).

  5. No contest, one is designed for practicality, durability and beauty at a low price while the other is designed to be light, efficient and something to show off as it cost 3 times the previous.

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