Pixel / Pixel XL Unboxing!

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We’ve had the Google Pixel XL in hand now for a handful of todays and there is plenty of stuff for you to catch up on before we get to a review, but to start, here is our Pixel unboxing!

First 10 things to do!
Camera review!

32 Replies to “Pixel / Pixel XL Unboxing!”

  1. Awesome device, its got some cool features but why did they not make it water proof? Also few other things they could of done better.. But the smartphone game is getting harder to bring a new device out that we haven't seen already.

  2. Just bought the iPhone 7 but I didn't like the overall experience. Resolution is very bad. It feels like slower than my previous one plus 3. I guess I am gonna go with pixel xl. There is a lag while scrolling thru some third party apps.

  3. Hi, When you check out this Pixel phone can you please compare the Camera to the camera on the LG V10 please. The LG camera is 16 MP how is it that this camera claims to be the best out there? I actually am very dissatisfied with my LG!! for some reason all the charging cables stop working after about a month! I have bought so many cables it's not even funny!!!
    Thank you

  4. Honestly I really think this is a beautiful phone, specifically in Quite Black. It's the one that I pre-ordered and I'm very excited for it to come and replace my Graphite Nexus 6P. My friend (co-owner of this channel) got Very Silver. I'm sure it will also look nice.

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