Prizefight – Blackberry Z10 vs. Apple iPhone 5

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Many Blackberry users left the platform for Apple’s iPhone. Does the all touch screen Z10 do enough to keep their die-hards happy and bring back the customers they lost? Let’s get it on!

29 Replies to “Prizefight – Blackberry Z10 vs. Apple iPhone 5”

  1. What just happened there… nothing mentioned about the laggy iOS with every update… or how the Apples charging cable falls apart after a month… Perfect bias fight… CNET you're loosing views… get your act together please!!!

  2. Apple always is the great winner at the reviews, prizefights, whatever… if you make a review of a new Canon DSLR the conclusion is that the iPad is the best tablet… c'mon!!! Cnet is so obvious that you are Apple fans! (or that Apple is such a good client for you guys).

  3. hahah  😀 😀 you don't know anything .. i sold my iphone 5s for buy my new Z10… 

    1. BB 10 is just 1 year old 🙂 iOS since 2007 😀 
    2. iphone has very terrible button.. it is ONE but terrible..  you can't put iphone on table in vertical form and change app without move it…
    3. bb 10 is the most clever thing BB HUB is revolution step in mobile OS
    4. and other more 
    5. and sorry for my english 😀

  4. The z10 is much more better than the iphone. The UI, the Apps.The complete Phone is great. This rewiev is so biased. I mean how can somebody like the iphone?

  5. Thanks for that video! I have the Blackberry Z10 – after getting used to the gestures, it is really the best phone I have ever had! People should give it a try! I know it takes a while to get used to the UI but it is totally worth it! I also found all the missing apps as an Android version for it. But I can't agree with the browser test – the Z10 blows all mobile browsers by far. The fastest browser on a mobile device I have ever seen! 🙂

  6. This is a biased video. Blackberry Z10 is way better than iPhone 5. Blackberry z10 better features than iPhone. How come blackberry's UI losed. It's pretty great than Apple's. Web browsing too, blackberry has Flash but Apple again won. Biased.
    Blackberry z10>>>> iPhone 5.

  7. Nobody has an iPhone anymore… 99% of my friends have Samsung. The Blackberry Z10 is great though because it can also run Android. So, yes, Blackberry now has Instagram, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, you name it. The Blackberry Z10 is like an iPhone and Galaxy S3 combined.!!!

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