Redmi Note 4 vs Samsung J7 Prime SpeedTest Comparison

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Redmi note 4 vs samsung j7 prime Speed test, we open some apps same time in these devices for speedtest.

10 Replies to “Redmi Note 4 vs Samsung J7 Prime SpeedTest Comparison”

  1. Redmi Note 4 is 2gb ram 16 storage ??????????????????????????
    Redmi Note 4 is 3gb ram 32 storage??????????????????????????
    Redmi Note 4 is 4gb ram 64 storage??????????????????????????

  2. Admin BC hai kya..
    Sale Dono mei network connectivity thodi na same hai….
    Bas jb v connectivity ki baat aaye tb J7 win..
    else RN 4.
    It means that Mi note 4 is better in all aspects

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