Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Sony Xperia X Android 7.0 Nougat – Speed Test!

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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Sony Xperia X on Android 7.0 – Which is Fastest?
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37 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Sony Xperia X Android 7.0 Nougat – Speed Test!”

  1. At first thanks for comparing these two!!
    In my opinion
    Xperia X lot better ph than a5(2017)..only advantage of A5 is their waterproof build nothing else!!
    performance wise X anyday better than galaxy a5(2017).. despite the LCD display X look like overall a better display. surprising black level for a LCD!!!look like better than a5(2017)!!!!!!!!!!!
    Xperia X and XZ's probably the best display on any smartphone right now no matter what some baised/crap reviewer said!!!
    front cam is also better on X despite low res(a5's 16 mp just a marketing gimmick)
    X's 23 MP rear didn't do well in low light but the a5(2017) didn't do either and in daylight no doubt X will be clearly superior!!
    The main thing about X right now Its pricing..its now lot cheaper and obviously cheaper than a5(2017)
    Xperia X currently the best 5" midrange ph IMO and one of the best midrange ever!!

  2. The Xperia has a much better processor and GPU than the a5 it's running a newer version of Android and it's considerably cheaper it seems like a no brainier to me, but if you prefer Samsung for the same price as the a5 just buy a second hand s7 or s7 edge they come out
    around the same price the a5 for raw performance is considerably underpowered for the price, with phones like the one plus 3 around who would buy the a5.

  3. Holy shit the flickering on samsung A5! Also the Sony xperia X Performance is 398€ and Samsung A5 2017 is 449€ in Finland. So it would have been nice if you were to compare those.

  4. Sony X is better, better cameras, better CPU,Dual front speakers, better UI (more stock android than touchwiz), but the A5 have a waterproof build.

  5. Look man, I really am not trying to hate on your videos, to me, they are excellent not biased presentations of performance.
    But it's when you start stacking up the higher end games on the RAM, other than the 3T I think no phone can keep up with that, one game should be okay along with other smaller apps.

  6. Xperia x has very poor battery backup time, Sony doesn't know how to optimise their phones properly, even after three major updates to xperia x software still no improvement in battery performance, it 1/3 of the relative Samsung phones. Don't buy xperia x. I have had a very bad experience.

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