Samsung Galaxy E5 vs iPhone 6 – Full Comparison HD

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Samsung Galaxy E5 vs iPhone 6. a full hands on comparison of Galaxy e5 vs iPhone 6 including display, camera, design, hardware, storage, software, battery and more.


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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy E5 vs iPhone 6 – Full Comparison HD”

  1. With the galaxy "You can close the apps like this, customize the theme like this, customize etc." with the Iphone "You can close apps like this and, uhhh, is there anything else you can do with this? No? Anything? Oh I forgot, you can change font size, how fun." And this is why samsung is better than apple. iPhones are for simple people with way to much money on their hands.

  2. Why are you comparing a mid range device to a premium one? Of course there's no comparison.. You should compare the iPhone 6 to a Samsung Galaxy s6! And the e5 should be compared to a let's say- an iPhone 5c!

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