Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Review : First 7 days ! (J7 Prime)

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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Review : First 7 days ! (J7 Prime)”

  1. GEezz, my j7 prime finger print work very fine and accurate with me. you just don't know how…so how to make an accurate finger print scanner?, For those people who just bought this phone but having a problem with its fingerprint scanner response or it doesn't work very well, the main reason is that your phone does not recognize your finger print, so all you have to do is put in your finger print again, you need to let it recognize, you just have to add your finger print 1, 2 and 3.. of course, for it to respond and recognize immediately, you'll just need to focus on three fingers , the fingers you usually used, like your thumb (both left and right thumb) and the index finger, never mind your middle fingers, ring fingers and pinkies..cut em off

  2. Which phone should by Samsung Galaxy on next, Galaxy On 8, Galaxy j 7 Prime, Galaxy j 7,Galaxy j 7 2016, Display wise, camera quality, noise reduction speaker , auto brightness, important sensors, no tft display, resolution, & display pixels should be 400ppi

  3. Please don't buy Samsung phone.Waste phone I too wasted my money. Flipkart & seller both are cheater. Bad camera and bad battery. Moto G4 plus is far better than this phone.

  4. would this be for me? I want a phone that has good camras, can handle little gaming, fast online, can handle being online and watching youtube videos, has good battery life, texts well, has a fingerprint scanner, and looks good. if this is not for me, what samsung phone would (not a flagship)

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