Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6s!

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The new iPhone 6s goes up against the Samsung Galaxy S6. Josh brings you his comparison.

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45 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6s!”

  1. I own the 128 gb S6 and the thing about memory is a lie … I have 16 apps open and all can go right back.. Its all in your settings (android does give YOU control)…Smh Iphone bandwagons never feel apple can do better… I can record and watch videos better than tv quality… Yall screens barely Hd…

  2. I love Android, but not the Samsung ones. The software is not good. Vanilla ones are better. Right now I'm using the iphone 6s plus. So far, loving it. I have grown tired of Android for sometime. I'll be back to Android in two years I guess but definitely be choosing Google's vanilla phone.

  3. I've had androids but I prefer iPhone because I like it simple. And I don't spend hours of a day on xda trying to pick a rom I like. So having an iPhone saves time for me lol.

  4. You said whats going on in the beginning of you video. Since you are so concerned i will tell you whats going on in my life. IM STRUGGLING SON!!!! SHIT RUFF OUT HERE BRUH!!! PASS ME A COUPLE THOU!!!!

  5. I had iPhones for a while until I decided to switch to the s4, which for the most parts was one of the best decisions I've made. But after I lost it and bought the s6 on release date, I have to say at this moment in time I'm starting to get very disappointed. it has times where it can be blazing fast and then withing a split second go to being awfully slow even after a factory reset. Even battery life I'm lucky to get 14 hours out of with little use. I'm really starting to wonder should I switch back to iPhone

  6. Well. I've been using Iphones for a while, since I've been waiting for great improvements (which haven't happened), I'm just waiting for the Galaxy S7 to come out to buy it, gladly it will be able to use a microSD card again, and I will be able to have more freedom with the usage 🙂 …I love Apple, but I'm not stupid to stay right now 🙂

  7. Class wise and quality wise go for iphone, but interms of customization go for Samsung. PS: AT THE END OF THE DAY, THESE ARE JUST PHONES. YOU CAN NEVER BE JUDGED AS A PERSON BY WHAT PHONE BRAND YOU HAVE, SO CHILL.

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