Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S Speed Test Comparison!
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40 Replies to “Sony Xperia X vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)”

  1. Wait a second. Sony is Japanese. as we all know a lot of the Japan earthquake. Japanese strain continuously updated as this is the problem, so I consider it a miracle that sony is here. I think that if America would lean in the ruins of earthquakes specifically for iOS, it is of course a couple of blocks ?

    . I think sony will remain the world's best (not the most common) phone can stand as Japan's recovery. very strong intention nuclear power plants can handle it. in most developed countries.

  2. this is are not about fast this about how is the better phone androind or iphone.dont tooking like iphone is comfertble for be there be wrong for you and make choosing wrong for you iphone is the bad phone

  3. This guy is testing apps specifically optimised for iPhone against apps that are optimised for a wide range of phones. Of course the iPhone will be faster in loading however the xperia X is a better phone overall.
    – longer battery life
    – better camera quality
    – external memory port
    – more customization
    – has a lot more data to load when it comes to booting up

    I lost interest in the phones after the 4s, so glad I switched to Sony. I do find it funny when the iPhone is faster he's all over it but when the Sony is faster he's like I don't know why the iPhone was slower, that's strange haha. IPhone fan boys make me laugh.

  4. I personally don't really care about the whole Android vs Iphone bullshit but lets be real.. Even if the XA did open some apps faster or whatever, it's only by like what.. 0.0001 sec faster lol.

  5. I really hate these arbitrary "speed" tests. For quite a few of the tests, the timing is very dependent on the window and transition animation speeds, which of course are different, especially on different platforms. Not taking sides here, but it's a bit of an unrealistic way of doing it.

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