*Tips For Your Moto X* – Plus Battery Charging Do’s & Dont’s !!

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Tips on protection for your cellphone and an important procedure in charging your Moto X battery. How to use your battery charger for better battery life. Don’t make the mistake I made with any portable device. KitKat 4.4.2. I’ll also show you simple and easy tips on care and protection for your Smartphone. We also look at the Otterbox case and the Moshi screen protector. Motorola’s Moto X is the best smartphone I ever owned! It comes stock without any bloated software, excellent…

18 Replies to “*Tips For Your Moto X* – Plus Battery Charging Do’s & Dont’s !!”

  1. Ive been facing this problem recently… what happens is it takes a lot of time to charge. Im using the same charger provided by the Moto X. When the product was new it used to get charged in 30 mins… but now it takes time

  2. I have the Moto X 2nd gen. Mine has terrible battery life, only 4-5 hrs or so. I don't do anything on it but talk and text & not much of that. I have only had the phone for about 4 months. The Verizon store tested battery & said nothing wrong. I never charged it on any other charger. Text messaging kept shutting down so finally they are sending me another phone. But I worry that I might still have battery problems.

  3. Bullshits, dont listen this geezer… You dont even have a clue how android works. You say its nessesary to reboot your phone couple of times per day. Why? Before you reboot it the phone loaded all his widgets, apps and etc. When you reboot it it will drain more battery cose it has to load the android and it will consume battery to load all the widgets again. I used my moto x 2nd gen for a month without reboiting it, and one day i just run out of battery and its switched off. Just if u have some app which is drayning your battery you have to find it and remove it. The reboot wont fix the problem. Only for one thing you are right… Use the motorola provided ac charger for your phone.

  4. Im really sorry, but what you're saying makes no sense whatsoever. Its probably not good for you to be misleading people.
    All USB cables are wired identically. In fact, the 850mA charger should only have taken a bit longer to recharge the phone, exactly 11/8.5 times longer. What you are describing sounds more like an app related issue which got fixed by your other actions. There is no conceivable reason for why your phone should last longer if you charge it one way or another. I routinely charge my moto x from a variety of sources, and it makes no difference whatsoever!
    Trust me, I am an electronics engineer 🙂

  5. Once I almost killed my moto x only by charging it with another cable. The battery died while I was playing and I decided to plug it in my laptop. It just refused to charge. It was stuck on 0% and sometimes a green light was shining (yes, I found out the phone has a green light on the speaker because of that)  whenever I tried to turn on the phone. It was pretty scary, I never used another cable.

  6. Hi. I got my Moto x today. and the biggest mistake i did was to charge it by a nexus 4 charger. And it started giving problems. The battery was charging so fast that i couldnt believe my eyes. 20% in 10 mins and when i removed the charger, it drained very quickly like 25% in 9 mins or so. Was this issue because of using a different charger. I am charging it with my moto x usb cable now. Lets see what happens.  and also, in India, i got the phone only with the usb cable and not the adapter.

  7. I have moto x and I agree it is a great phone. However, when I was on my way to school listening to music like I do everyday my phone got really really hot and the phone started dying. First it was on 94 percent then 83 then 72. I have no Idea what is going on. please help!

  8. after seeing your video i can see you are having a great battery backup from your phone moto x
    But from last 20 days i am using moto x just owned it but this phone battery backup is worst well yes i use my genuine charger to charge my phone but still i m not having the battery backup as much i have to
    like today i was playing real racing 3 i started the game and the batter was 65% but after half n hour the battery was only 31% 
    can you help me with this

  9. hi,i live in india. my moto x recently got an android 4.4.4 after installing the update the battery life of the phone has become very low..is this same with every phone or only i have that problem….?

  10. Nice tip. One question on battery life. Users have been reporting problems with their battery life after installing a few over the air updates on the Moto X. So the great battery life that started with the phone out of the box ends up being comprimised later on. Have you installed all the updates and if so have you had any battery problems?

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