Why I chose the BlackBerry DTEK60 over the IPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL

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A detailed video on why I decided to go with BlackBerry’s latest smartphone – the DTEK60 over the competition.

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  1. ..When people say "Umm" & "AHH" while thinking, they take longer to think and it is an anxiety disorder to let the listening party or parties (at least in their head) know that they are not stalling. Yo were doing fine man, just go with the flow and remember, whilst shooting, nobody is watching nor does that particular video have to be uploaded until you edit it the way you want it. Good Review. -Dread Pirate REGAN PS: Surprised your "about" sounds more American then the typical Canadian "aboot"… From the states?

  2. Awesome review down to earth I like it! I love my Z30 but this will be my next phone for sure! One thing I really hope they do is implement Blackberry Blend into the DTEK android OS.. >Do you know if that is already in place or in the works??? Also I like that fact now i buy direct it forces me to look at all the vendors out there.. Now I don't have to lock into a darn 24 month contract plan with Rogers, MTS or Bell I can go to all and find out who gives the best plan at that second, moment in time 🙂 Also most providers are telling me they will give me a %10 discount off my plan because i own my hardware right off the get go… I have no problem throwing $650 on this phone! Great review…. I will probably do one to when it shows up.

  3. Want to get rid of my iphone 7 as its my first iPhone and I don't enjoy it at all.   Was thinking to try the new htc Ultra but its also very expensive so maybe this dtek60 should be my new phone.

  4. Ok does it have the hdmi port because I love it. I love BlackBerry from day one. I could buy one. I wait one whole year before I upgrad my BlackBerry. And I'm looking at the D 50 price is a big thing to me. I know, not everyone is going to drop $ 600.00 for a cell phone that is OK for some. Not for me them they brings out one better than the one I have. Look at d 50 the year was not out then they drop. D60 that's $600.00 you just that.

  5. Hello Dan,
    gr8 video and quite surprisingly u do have a fantastic perception on the things….not the regular vblog …i quite enjoyed ur narration..plz try with some other phones if u can….keep it up man..cheers…

  6. Excellent video, and done in an easy to understand format, in that I mean, not too geeky with all the fancy jargon. And I agree with what you're saying, never been a Blackberry person, owned one ages ago. Owned HTC, Samsung, Sony and iphones, however before Christmas 2015 I bought myself the Blackberry Priv. The most underrated phone ever in my mind, and now I see why Blackberry owners love their phones. Productivity is second to none, the hub is a master stroke, the productivity tab is fantastic, to tasks calendar everything is excellent, and as for the keyboard they could make a fortune if it was in the google playstore. For us Blackberry users I'm glad it's not available because it's such a fantastic feature and works seamlessly. In my view, I think Blackberry has nailed the consumer side of things, the camera on the priv is really good far better than what some geeky tech websites give credit. And of course the DTEK security app, for the first time ever I know who, how often and when each app on my phone is accessing my personal stuff, fantastic. Now cannot wait for the new Blackberry "Mercury" to come out which I will be buying, keep up the good work excellent stuff.

  7. Thanks for the video. Thinking about going back to BB again, maybe next year as they're (TCL) coming out with more phones. Had the Z30 and that keyboard was the best I've ever experienced ever, it just rocked and was soooo quick, and the speakers were phenomenal too. If they came out with an "S Pen" type pen, that would take the cake for me because it is so handy to have on the current Note 5 I have. I think the Note though has one of the best cameras out there.

  8. please tell me , is it as good as the Z30 i have just been using the samsung S7 for one week and did not like it at all , i have had Z30 as my previous phone and i think it is a great phone

  9. Very well thought out post, Dan. I truly appreciate all of your discussion points as a proud Canadian as well. I'm a business user currently using the Passport, which I truly enjoy still (always been a BB user). But BB10 likely won't be here long so I'm also looking for a new option. I will likely make the same choice you did once my company gets Android on board for corporate users (I don't want 2 phones :)). Keep up the great work on this topic and all the best for 2017. Cheers, Trevor M.

  10. I have a extremely low budget phone right now, but I plan to head back to blackberry eventually. great review! I've just subscribed to tour channel. Thank glyou for the great content. looking forward to seeing where you'll take it.

  11. I have blackberry PRIV for 6 months now, the phone got a lot of deadpixels, the volume side buttons not working anymore
    when I contact blackberry support they admit it's manufacturing problem but they could help me because i am in Europe
    Don't buy blackberry in europe there is no support

  12. Thanks Dan! I'm glad I took the time to watch the whole video, you offer lots of great information and a refreshing perspective on Blackberry. I would love to own one of these. I wonder if accessories for the Alcatel Idol 4S will work with this phone, cases and screen protectors etc.

    Thanks for the video!

  13. Dear Daniel, thank you very much for your video. I like your point of view about all the mobile industry and us as Users. I never had Blackberry phone before. But now I'm really interested in it. Can I ask you about the Fotos made from this Blackberry. And is the Android system like "clear Android " on it? Thank you, greetings from Switzerland, Kate

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