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Axon 7 VS Moto X Pure –

In this video, I show the ZTE Axon 7 VS JBL Moto MOD! (For fun) #Speaker #ZTE #Axon7 #MotoZ #MotoMoD

34 Replies to “ZTE Axon 7 VS JBL Moto MOD! [SPEAKER TEST]”

  1. Axon 7 with the Dolby way better than having to buy an add-on speaker. A fat speaker add-on that has to be charged separate when Axon sounds great without a strap on. I'll take Axon 7. Keep the strap on.

  2. J I finally got the phone you have been talking about in all your Video's . I Originally went with the Axon but did not work out and had to send back first day you are absolutely right Beautiful speakers and all that but it was not for me. I started to get real upset. I have to say I then went with the Moto same one you got and I have to say I am absolutely love it. I can't explain it but it is really nice.Is it my Note no but I can't wait to see what else they come out with.Even without all the Mods their is something very sweet about this phone and I pray that they keep it going with it.Big Shout out to you on calling this one and can't agree more.Deb

  3. seams like the axon 7 sounded louder and more crisp, but once you turn over the JBL speaker it was louder than axon 7. in all honestly though I prefer front facing speakers that sound loud with no mods then to have a $70 ad on for my device that sounds better if the phone was turn screen down. AXON FOR THE WIN

  4. Right so the JBL speaker has more bass. Thats it….the Axon sounds way way better, the most crisp sounding phone and awesomely loud device out there right now. Thanks for the comparison, the Axon definately kills it for me.

  5. Comparing the JBL Moto mod with a built-in speaker shows absolutely nothing. Its obvious that the mod will sound better. You're not proving anything. If you want to show how nice the mod is, then the best route would have been to compare them to actual bluetooth speakers.

  6. J. you should get a device that measures Db so we can really see how loud they are as opposed to just taking your word for it… I trust you its just hard to gauge over youtube unless I break out my bulky headset with my cars bumpin stereo.

  7. It's like attaching a bluetooth speaker to your phone. I would rather just use a bluetooth speaker that is portable if I want to hear loud speakers but why make your phone bulky? Axon 7 is good enough that don't make your phone bulky.

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